THE BIBLE COURSE (Exploring the BIG story)

We are all too well aware of the need for pastoral care of each and everyone of us. This is all the more important for the vulnerable and the elderly. Here at Saint Mary, we take Pastoral care of everyone seriously and we work with friends and families of those in need of such care.

We have a group of trained Pastoral Assistants, who are Christians with a certain amount of life experience and a mature faith. They have a flexible approach and are able to be sensitive to problems that are presented to them. They do so with the support of their Incumbents and PCC, to whom they are accountable, and they are able to work collaboratively as part of a team to serve those living in their parish.

Many of them specialises in the following:

  • Hospital visiting
  • Supporting relationships, marriage and family life
  • Support for children, young people and their parents
  • Support during bereavement
  • Administering Holy Communion in Private and Residential Homes
  • Ministering at the time of Death
  • Support to those in later life and their carers
  • Support for those coping with physical or mental health issues

If you would like a Pastoral Visit please contact the  (Tel 01932 231274) or  (Tel 01932840077).