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Welcome to SMO!

We are Oatlands’ parish church and have a range of Sunday and Weekday services to suit different ages and styles, all aimed at hearing what God wants to teach us from the Bible, ourselves, and the world around us. We welcome and make special provisions for children and young people as well as the elderly, in fact every one that comes into our services is treated as special, with love and respect. Please see the services section of the website for a detailed description and time. Each of our services has its unique style but they all include an element of Bible reading, a time of prayer and intercessions and a talk, homily or sermon and especially at 10 am on Sundays, the singing of both traditional and modern hymns and songs.  In addition to worship services, there are also various activities and opportunities for meeting and fellowship with others. Our life event section on this website should give you an overview of what we believe and what to do if you are exploring baptism, marriage or the funeral of a loved one. If you have specific questions please contact the Parish Office. Or better still, come and visit us. We would be glad to welcome you.

Revd Folli Olokose

Phone:  01932 840077 (Day Off Monday) E-mail: vicar@oatlandschurch.org.uk