Friday Fusion Youth Group Y6-9

1.First and foremost, we should pray. We must pray without ceasing the Prayer for Growth.

2. We are the Body of Christ. Each called to play a part. All members of SMO should be involved in the church. More than ever, we need to share our ideas and thoughts with the Vicar or members of the PCC.

3. We need to be bearers and spreaders of the Good News of Christ and His church.

4. Please consider increasing your personal giving. If each of us could give an additional £5/week that would result in an additional £20k a year, including Gift Aid which would make so much difference.

5. Think about a pledge or special donation, perhaps in memory of a loved one, that could be linked to achieving part of our Vision.

6. Leaving a legacy to St. Mary’s in your will is not only tax efficient but also a wonderful way to help ensure that St. Mary’s will be here to help and guide future generations.