Even if we all know the inevitable nature of death, it is often a very difficult period when we lose a loved one. As Christians, we believe in the promises of Christ of a place better than the present. A place where there will be no more pains and suffering. It is for this reason that at funerals we give thanks for the life of a loved one and we commit them into God’s care. Members of our ministry team are available to lead a funeral service for anyone who lives in the parish. It doesn’t matter if your loved one did not go to church.  We believe in a loving God and our church extends that love to all. We understand that some deaths can be traumatic, distressing or unexpected. The Church has special funerals for children, or after sudden or violent deaths, including suicide. Please talk to us about what is possible. You could choose whether the service takes place in the church (followed, or preceded, by burial or cremation) or at a crematorium.  Please ask your Funeral Director to contact our Parish Office to discuss arrangements.  At St. Mary’s we not only have experienced ministers to help you, we also have a dedicated team of trained and experienced Pastoral Assistants.  They are ready to support individuals and families through times of bereavement.If you would like a visit from us, please contact the Parish Office parishoffice@oatlandschurch.org.uk or Tel 01932231274

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