Loving, Serving, Growing


The Guildford Diocese, which we are part of, has an over-arching vision of ‘Transforming Church, Transforming Lives’. Working with this, our local vision is to be ‘Loving, Serving, Growing’.

We intend to continue and improve many of our existing traditions as well as embracing new ones. We would continue many aspects of our pastoral care of the elderly while at the same time reaching out to new and younger families. We would continue ‘Open The Book’, ‘SMART’ and `.0start new ones to encourage more families. We have so much to offer and there are many ways for you to get involved with your church and Oatlands community.

Our vision is to:

    • Love God and love our neighbours better and more deeply.
    • Serve God and serve our neighbours better and more deeply.
    • Grow in depth on our walk with God while at the same time growing our church in numbers.