Meet the PCC

Members of PCC 2017


Vicar and PCC Chair

Lay Licensed Minister

Revd Folli Olokose

Hugh Montgomerie

Pastoral Assistants Muriel Agbaje

Ros Binns

Kim Groom

Francie Mcllwraith

Church Warden and Vice Chair *Michel Williams
Assistant Warden/Safeguarding Officer *Anne Vrionides

Deanery Synod representatives

PCC /Standing C’ttee Secretary





Ann Blowers (2014/17)

*Helen Stickland (2017/2020)

Liz Davies (2017/2020)




Elected members Brian Brown

Janet Evans

Yvonne Ferrari – co-opted July 12th 21017

Helen de Fraine

*Malcolm Groom

Ralph Humble

*Malcolm Jeffreys

Linda Newell (Lynne/Lin)

Jane Ruddlesdin

*Edward Salter

Brian Stickland (Treasurer)



Standing Committee Members marked with *